Dear prospective students,
Welcome to Fanero Computer Institute!
It gives me an immense pleasure to mention that Fanero Computer Institute is a great platform where you can groom your potentials through an added value of computer skill and competencies. It is a place where we strive to give our best to help you carve your career by providing quality training on different computer courses.

Today is an era of competition, where everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and it is possible only when one possesses a strong competitive advantage. Being computer saavy is one of the major competitive advantages that helps one to stand a head in such competitive environment. We, therefore, are here to equip you with strong computer skills and knowledge which provide you a solid foundation for your access to the job market. I also take this opportunity to congratulate our students who are now well positioned in different jobs and professions. Their testimonials and compliments have proven our attempts to be a worthwhile to the society.
I warmly invite all career-oriented students to FCI who are in pursuit of a right place to get quality training on computer course. We are always there to assist you for your better career.
With best wishes !
Mr. Pradhuman Shrestha
Academic Director