Hardware & Networking Course

Hardware and network are the pillars of growing IT industry. With advance software and technology, the hardware and network also need to be developed. Hardware and networking course deals with the skills to implement and manage hardware and network components. Hardware deals with physical components and networking deals with connection of system with devices. This course imparts detailed knowledge in both areas.
Hardware and Networking course establishes a practical and theoretical knowledge for operating a system. Students will learn to identify and make most of hardware. They will learn to implement, understand functionality and troubleshoot the network components. They will learn to integrate components. To identify the types of problems that occur in the system and solve the ones that can be solved.
This course is designed for students to gain knowledge in hardware and networks. Students preparing for certification like A+, CISCO certification can take this course for foundation knowledge. Students require to have basic knowledge in working in OS to join this course.

Course Syllabus

•    Introduction
•    DOS
•    Hardware components
•    Memory
•    Installing operating System
•    Motherboard
•    Cards
•    Disk Partition
•    Formatting
•    Microprocessors
•    Expansions
•    Assembling PC
•    Virus
•    Printers, Scanners,
•    Upgrading Computer
•    Troubleshooting


•    Introduction
•    Windows
•    Networking components
•    Topologies
•    Transfer media
•    Servers
•    Peer to peer n/w installation
•    Networking printer installation
•    Resources
•    Drivers
•    Internet
•    Troubleshooting

Nepal Training Centre has been providing this training to the students. This course requires equipment for deep understanding of the topic. We provide you with all the resources necessary. Students will be able to identify and connect hardware components. Similarly, they will be taught to install and configure a network system. We also teach them about troubleshooting and integration of components. We provide knowledge that will be job oriented.

This course opens up a door for opportunities for students. The students will get good understanding of hardware and network which is a huge step forward in career advancement. This will develop strong fundamental knowledge. Professionals with good command in hardware and network are demanded in all types of companies in the world.