Graphics Designer Courses

Graphics designing is the form of visual communication and communication design. Graphics designing training course is designed to provide the candidates with introduction to the concept of design and world of graphics. Nowadays graphics designing is used in almost every business, the most common of which are publications, advertisement, posters, website graphics, logo design and packaging.
The main objective of the graphics design training course is to enable the students to create a visual solution to address a wide range of problems that requires graphical representation. The students will get an extensive overview and concept of designing and will be able to create creative designs and layout.
The instructors at Nepal Training Centre qualified industry professionals who have multiple years of experience working in graphics designing. The instructors have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in preparing comprehensive course content that is accepted at the industry level and that covers all the latest designing practices. There are projects that are assigned to the students on top of that the job oriented training approach of the teachers will prepare the students to start a professional career in graphics designing.
Candidates wishing to start a career in graphics designing can join this training program and also candidates from non IT background are also encouraged to join the training course. There are no prerequisites required for enrolling in this training course.
The scope of graphics designing is very wide, talented graphics designer are wanted in different industries sectors. Students after completion of the course can find job opportunities in various advertisement agencies, marketing groups and graphical studios.

Course Syllabus


Module 1: Photoshop training
Module 2: Illustrator training
Module 3: Freehand Training
Module 4: Indesign Training